Archbishop of Canterbury urges Brits to pay higher taxes, says it’s his role to get involved in politics

In his latest political intervention, the Archbishop of Canterbury has sparked outrage with his call for British citizens to pay higher taxes. 

According to Justin Welby, taxpayers will have to contribute more money to the overburdened social care system.

He described the issue as “one of the most fundamental questions affecting our country, morally and ethically”.

The unelected bishop said further funding is “going to have to come from taxation, which means from all of us”, but added that it “has to be seen to be just and fair to meet the values we want as a society”.

However, Mr. Welby’s intervention has sparked a backlash at a time when Britons are already bracing for the highest tax burden since World War II in 2025.

“Mr Welby is increasingly pontificating to the nation because he has a rapidly dwindling audience in his churches,” Tory MP Marco Longhi said.

“Perhaps if he actually focused more on what his congregations want to hear, rather than constantly spouting socialist dogma, people might start listening again?

“At a time of the highest tax burden in 70 years, high cost of living, poor growth, and when 53 percent of the population takes more than it contributes, Mr Welby promotes even more taxation. You couldn’t make this stuff up.”

Mr. Welby has dismissed criticism that he should not get involved in political issues.

“I would say caring for people is very much my job and very much the role of the church,” he said. 

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