Albanians Drape National Flag on Churchill as Thousands Protest Against ‘Racist Britain’ on Remembrance Sunday

Albanian protesters have blocked Westminster Bridge and brought parts of London to a halt as police prepare for Remembrance Sunday.

Thousands of Albanians have taken to the streets of London to protest Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s “invasion” remarks and the Government’s approach to migrant Channel crossings.

Video of the incident shared on Twitter by @MitchMila21 shows swaths of people waving Albanian flags and protest signs as they slowly march across Westminster Bridge, interrupting traffic. All while the Met Police attempt to prepare for Remembrance Sunday.

Nigel Farage posted a video of an Albanian flag draped over Winston Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square, a frequent target for protests and demonstrations in the capital, and said, “What is happening in London today is a disgrace!”

Calvin Robinson of GB News tweeted in response to the events in Westminster, saying, “The utter disrespect. You’re in someone else’s home!”

The protests follow a record number of migrants crossing the Channel this year, with British politicians claiming that Albanian nationals are to blame for the surge

Earlier this month Albania’s Prime Minister, Edi Rama, accused the British Government of using Albanians as “scapegoats” for “policy failures” when it comes to immigration.

The Albanian PM said Britain was falsely targeting Albanians “as the cause of its crime and border problems” and attacked what he called the “insane” and “easy rhetoric.”

According to the Albania Daily News, the protesters also objected to being perceived as criminals, with placards reading that Albanians “are not criminals but work and pay taxes.”

However, Albanians currently constitute the single-largest population of foreign-born criminals in British prisons.

According to a BBC investigation earlier this month, drug gangs from the south-eastern European country are using migrant camps in France as recruitment hubs, offering to pay for their way to the UK in exchange for agreeing to work in underground criminal networks in Britain.

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