Albanian Crime Gangs are Now Turning Britain into a ‘Drug Trade Den’

Recent reports revealed that Albanian crime gangs are becoming more involved in the drug trade in many areas of England.

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore has called for “better border controls” to help prevent people from coming to the UK to become involved in the criminal underworld.

Yesterday, an Albanian national was arrested for drug trade and driving disqualification. 

During a search of his vehicle, officers discovered numerous items believed to be used in the establishment or expansion of a cannabis farm, including seed trays, a water tank, a fan, and hydroponic liquids and tablets.

A search warrant for a flat linked to the suspect turned up a cannabis factory, complete with more than 150 cannabis plants.

When fully developed, the haul could have brought in around £150,000 in street-level deals.

The Commissioner said much more must be done to control those entering and leaving the UK.

“I don’t know why some of these people are allowed in here. Many of us have been saying that for years. Control the borders so we know who’s coming in and we know who’s going out. We can’t have a free for all.”

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