A CHANGE OF MIND! Liz Truss DOWNPLAYS Remainer Background, Denies Tax Cuts Will Fuel Inflation

Liz Truss downplayed her Remainer roots and denied that tax cuts would fuel inflation today, vowing to defy ‘economic orthodoxy’ at the Treasury.

The Foreign Secretary ramped up her campaign after Tory MPs selected her to face Rishi Sunak in the second round of voting, knowing that if she prevailed, she would hold the keys to No. 10.

Ms Truss assertively argued for a novel strategy during an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. When questioned about her early involvement with the Lib Dems, she dismissed it, admitting that she “was wrong,” and merely said that her opinions have evolved.

Ms. Truss said tax cuts were the best way to turn around the UK’s fortunes and ease the cost-of-living crisis, despite data released yesterday showing government borrowing in June at its second-highest level ever and interest on the £2.4 trillion debt mountain reaching a new high of £19.4 billion.

She stated that the present tax policies implemented by Mr. Sunak when he served as Chancellor, which include raising company tax from 19% to 25% in April, will cause a recession.

Ms Truss, who has been shepherding the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill through Parliament, said she now recognises Brexit’s ‘opportunities.’

‘I fully embraced the choice that the people of Britain have made,’ she said. ‘I was wrong and I am prepared to admit I was wrong.

‘Some of the portents of doom didn’t happen and instead, we have actually unleashed new opportunities.’

Despite comparisons when she wore a ‘pussy bow’ outfit during one of the TV debates, posed in a tank, and donned a furry hat on a visit to Moscow, the Cabinet minister denied modelling herself after Margaret Thatcher.

‘I am my own person,’ Ms Truss said. ‘It is quite frustrating that female politicians always get compared to Margaret Thatcher, whereas male politicians don’t get compared to Ted Heath.’

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