‘60,000 Brits’ reported thinking of moving to OZ for sun, cash and ‘love’

Thousands of Britons are considering relocating to Australia after being enticed by the promise of more sun, money, and sex.

So far, 60,000 people are said to be interested, with Australian minister Paul Papalia boasting, ‘We are the new Love Island.’

Papalia is leading a delegation of West Australians on a nine-day tour of the United Kingdom in an attempt to recruit 30,000 British citizens to work in the state’s public sector, which includes the police force, hospitals, and hospitality.

The delegation is also seeking to hire doctors, teachers and civil engineers. 

Papalia said: ‘If you’re a single Brit, come on out because you might not be single for long.’

‘It’s lower cost of living, higher wages, and magnificent weather,’ he said of the country’s attractions. 

‘What is there not to like?’

One of the King’s police officers stationed outside Horse Guards Parade was reportedly enticed by a lucrative starting salary of £51,000 per year.

Papalia stated that the country is “getting our own back” after decades of Australians moving to Britain.

He said: ‘You took some of our best and brightest. And there was never that question in regards to us losing our young ones to the UK.’

Papalia told The Times newspaper he was shocked by the resourcing issues the UK police is facing, along with the pay disparity.

‘The wages [in the UK] are far lower, the conditions are worse and resourcing appears to be far worse. So there’s all manner of reasons why [WA is] more attractive,’ he said.

More than 800 British police officers have applied for jobs in Australia, The Times reports.

Recruits, who are required to have at least three years’ experience, will start on around £50,000, compared with £30,000 for a UK constable with five years’ experience. 

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