£60 Million Worth of Food LEFT ROTTEN in Fields Amid RISING Prices

Enraged farmers have lashed out at crops going to waste on UK farms as a labour shortage persists across the country.

It is reported that food worth £60 million has been thrown away on UK farms due to labour shortages. According to the National Farmers’ Union, crop losses have occurred due to a lack of workers as a result of high employment levels across the UK, with workers able to access higher pay and better job security elsewhere.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also disrupted worker flow, as Ukraine typically provides a large proportion of harvest workers in the United Kingdom.

“It’s nothing short of a travesty that quality, nutritious food is being wasted at a time when families across the country are already struggling to make ends meet due to soaring living costs,” said Tom Bradshaw, the union’s deputy president.

“At the same time, the prolonged dry weather and record temperatures have created a very difficult growing environment for our fruits and vegetables.”

“Every crop is valuable, both to the farm and to the people whose plates it fills. We simply cannot afford to leave food unattended.”

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