1 UK Monkeypox Case Previously Had the Virus for 76 Days, Scientist Confirms

According to specialists, monkeypox can remain in the body for up to ten weeks after the rash has faded.

Experts disagree that people can be contagious for that long, but say it is still a “huge unanswered topic.”

The results are based on an examination of the UK’s prior seven cases, which were dismissed between 2018 and 2021.

Experts have reassured parents that occurrences in children are exceedingly rare, adding that any new rashes in children are more likely to be caused by chickenpox or hand, foot, and mouth illness.

In a worldwide outbreak of monkeypox, seventy-one Britons have so far contracted the disease. Gay and bisexual men account for a disproportionate number of cases.

The tropical virus, which is usually exclusively seen in Africa, does occasionally show up in the United Kingdom, although outbreaks usually fade away on their own.

A smallpox antiviral could also help individuals fight the disease, according to the latest research.

Tecovirimat, an unapproved medication for monkeypox, allowed one infected patient recover and be discharged from the hospital after only a week of treatment in 2021.

The investigation indicated that one of the UK’s seven previous cases — a guy in his 40s who contracted monkeypox in Nigeria before being hospitalised here — tested positive 76 days after first becoming ill.

Doctors believe he had a recurrence after having intercourse, which would be a global first if confirmed.

After being infected with the virus, the man was given the all-clear and went home from the hospital a few weeks later.

When he had intercourse for the first time following his illness six weeks later, his infection reappeared.

According to researchers in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, he told doctors that his lymph nodes had swelled.

This enlargement was accompanied by pustular skin lesions, which are typical of monkeypox.

The virus was found in subsequent PCR tests of the sores and his throat.

However, the man’s relapse was brief, and he was ‘clinically well’ otherwise.

The vaccines are being used by British officials to vaccinate close relatives of confirmed cases in order to create a buffer of immune persons to prevent the disease’s spread.

As cases of monkeypox spread across the UK, the government has advised high-risk contacts to self-isolate for three weeks.

So far, all cases of monkeypox have been minor, with no deaths reported.

Fever, chills, rash, and sores on the face or genitals are common symptoms of the virus. Most people recover in a few weeks without needing to go to the hospital.

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